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Thank you for an amazing 15 years — we launched this site back in 2006. But with the birth of our newer in 2015, it has been left untouched and the data here is outdated by more than 10 years.

The current is actively maintained and regularly updated. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you there!

Denshi Jisho — Online Japanese dictionary extensions

KanJisho [English]
A Chrome extension for quickly looking up words in


Jim Breen's Japanese Page [English]
Home of the WWWJDIC dictionary server, its related dictionary files and a good list of links to pages related to Japan.
QuickKanji [English]
Beautiful and easy to use kanji dictionary with list functionality.
Jeffrey's Japanese⇔English Dictionary Server [English]
Very customizeable dictionary based on data from WWWJDIC.
Goo 辞書 [Japanese]
Online versions of the Daijirin Japanese-Japanese dictionary and the Exceed Japanese-English-Japanese dictionaries.
Yahoo 辞書 [Japanese]
Online versions of several Japanese-Japanese and Japanese-English-Japanese dictionaries.
英辞郎 [Japanese]
Japanese-English-Japanese dictionary. Available both online and on CD.
2典Plus [Japanese]
Japanese-Japanese dictionary of Japanese net slang. [Swedish]
Japanese-Swedish-Japanese dictionary with user submissions and corrections.
Beyond Calligraphy [English]
A great, well researched and copiously illustrated guide to kanji and kana etymology.

Blogs on Japanese

Tofugu [English]
Wonky Japanese Language and Culture.
Nihongojouzu [English]
"Stuff for learning Japanese" [English]
"Learn Japanese langauge and study Japanese grammar." By the same author as A Japanese guide to Japanese grammar.

Other useful resources

PopJisyo [English]
Feed it a website and then hover over a Japanese or English word to have a translation immediately pop up.
Rikai [English]
Same idea as PopJisyo with some extra features.
Rikaichan [English]
Extension for Firefox providing Rikai-functionality directly from the browser.
JGram [English]
User edited database of Japanese grammar.
Sci.lang.japan [English/Japanese]
The sci.lang.japan newsgroup. Interesting discussions about the Japanese language.
Sci.lang.japan FAQ [English]
A list of questions and answers about the Japanese language from the Usenet newsgroup sci.lang.japan.
日本語表現文型辞典 [Japanese]
Explanations and examples of almost 500 expressions.
Charles Kelly's Online Japanese Language Study Materials [English]
Lot's of online study material and a good collection of links to other Japanese resources.
A Japanese guide to Japanese grammar [English]
"This site explains Japanese grammar in a systematic step-by-step process /.../"
A Logical Japanese Grammar [English]
Explanations of Japanese grammar.
Four-Character Idiomatic Compounds [English]
Comprehensive list of over 3000 four character compunds (yojijukugo) with readings and English explanations.
Language Exchange Project [English]
"Language Exchange Project is a simple and intuitive website to find a language exchange partner, pen pal or friend."
Flashcard Tree [English]
Online English/Japanese flashcard (SRS, spaced repetition system) application with dictionary.