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Denshi Jisho — Online Japanese dictionary

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国富 こくふ national wealth
Common word, Noun 
国府 こくふ 1: (Abbreviation) Nationalist Government (of China; i.e. under the Kuomintang);
2: provincial office (under the ritsuryo system); provincial capital
国父 こくふ father of one's country
克服 こくふ conquest (problem, disease, handicap, etc. e.g. poverty, illness); overcoming; bringing under control; subjugation; victory over
Common word, Noun, Suru verb 
国風 こくふ 1: national customs and manners;
2: provincial song or ballad
黒風 こくふ sky darkening dust storm
克復 こくふ restoration
Noun, Suru verb 
穀粉 こくふ grain (rice) flour
Noun, No-adjective 
黒風白雨 こくふうはくう sudden rain shower in a dust storm

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